Outflow, the key to business success

I attended a seminar on Saturday, which reminded me of THE key to business success: Outflow!

Outflow means any and all communications to other people and/or businesses to promote your products or services; this can be in the form of leaflets, telephone calls, newsletters, advertising, websites, etc..

There is a key datum in business: your outflow determines your income. You won’t have income if you don’t outflow! And the more you outflow, the more you get on income! The income may not necessarily come from the same sources you outflow to, but that doesn’t matter. This is THE magic formula for any business!

A lot of businesses, even when very good with their promotion, forget one key area of outflow: their existing customers! People who have already bought from you before can buy more or again from you, so it’s important to  ave an up-to-date database of your existing customers so that you can stay in touch with them. Even a simple phone call or letter to ask them if they are happy with the products or services you have sold them before, together  with some information on what else you sell.

Remember that whichever avenue you choose, the intention of the communication is to sell more products/services, so tell them how they can do this. Example: you give information about a new product you have added to our range, and then close with: Call this number to get your copy, or some such phrase. If you don’t, then people won’t! Simple as that. And this is also key in any website you create; the website should tell the prospect what to do once they’ve visited your website, which is to buy your product or service!

Initially, the number of outflow is the most important; you can work on improving the quality of the outflow as you go along, but don’t let this stop you outflowing at the start. So, work out ways you can outflow to your existing customers and prospects. If you have a shop, you have an advantage already in the people that walk by your shop. How can you attract their attention? Organise a party, or make up a special occasion where you can hang balloons out, and have drinks and snacks in the shop for people coming to visit! Anything to attract people’s attention to your shop! What other way can you outflow? A leaflet with new products added to send to your existing customers? A new member of personnel added? Anything you can think of, write about it and outflow it!! What about newspaper articles or a professional publication?

I’m sure you can come up with some more. Have fun with it! As always, keep it simple… and Flourish and Prosper

Lisa de Haas

P.S. I can help you work out a plan for your outflow; call me at 01342-327119.

For courses available on these topics and from which I learnt the management technology I use in my business, please contact the Hubbard College of Administration at http://www.hubbardcollege.org.uk

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