The Marketing Acronym AIDA Updated

We all remember the Acronym AIDA, use to describe a model for effective selling,

A = Attention
I = Interest
D = Desire
A = Action

Well I would like to update that for 2013 with “AAAAAA”

That’s 6 A’s now becoming known as the “A” cycle.

The first A is Attraction;

Getting people to look at what you are selling or talking about. That may start with a Google Search, an e-mail campaign, social media, it could be with video on youtube vimeo, which ever way you use to get traffic…without people visiting your site, shop or market stall, the next 5 A’s are a bit pointless.

So step 1 would be having a solid attraction strategy

The 2nd A is Attention;

Now you have traffic, you need to grab them straight away, let your visitor know they have landed in the right place, use a strong headline, a great offer, if you are designing a flyer or a webpage don’t design the it and then try to stuff the headline or offer into it, design around your content.

Step 2 would be design around the copy, not fit the copy in the space.

The 3rd A is Absorption:

Keep their attention and direct them to action. We have all had the long sales letter, and a vast % of us say long sales letters don’t work. My thoughts on this are there are only 2 reasons long sales letters don’t work,

  1. The reader isn’t interested in the subject (so they were never your customer)
  2. The copy isn’t written in an absorbing or engaging way, the reader just gets bored. And clicks off.

Use images and Icons to move people around a page or letter or tell a story, Use white space, easy to read fonts, colour, and make it easy to scan. Put in bullet point so people can get the Key points…the benefits (What’s in it for me).

So think of the attraction as you’re in a room full of people, the Attention is the “Eye Contact across the room and that smile”.

The Absorption is when you sit down and start talking to that person.

Your story can be told in chunks, it can start with the headline, continue with an audio, or continue with a report, followed up with a video showing how something is done, or overcoming objections.

Step 3 would be “Know your customer” and write/design with them in mind

The 4th A is Action;

If your visitor is on the fence or at least interested, well done…you have attracted them.

Your content or story has moved them along to where you want them to be and now you want them to take action, whether it’s a sign up for something, a visit to your YouTube video, a telephone call to your business to find out more about what you offer, the point here is you need to make it very clear what you want that person to do.

One of the thing I personally really dislike is having to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page before I find the call to action.

Don’t make it Hard, make it easy for people to buy, Make it easy for people to sign up, get your telephone number or do what it is you want them to do, and repeat it over and over again. Make it easy.

A word of caution here. If you are writing a specific page for a specific action, having multiple exit points like buttons or links in your copy (we call them leaks) is a bad idea.

People will click on them they will explore and check things out take=ing them off your site.

So I guess Step 4 is “You want to drive them in one direction…towards whatever your goal is.”

The 5th A is Analysis;

Is what you are doing working? When you do a promotion, does your traffic increase, what I mean by traffic, is whatever your call to action is, a telephone call, more visits to a page on your website, more enquiries or orders? Does that increase…

You send out a mail shot with a coupon on it, do you get more sales, you send out an e-mail using mailchimp, do people open it and if so do they click on your call to action.

You can analyze most things for results, you just need the right toolkit in place. Mailchimp lets you see opens and clicks on your e-mail, you can get an alternate phone number to measure the results for a phone in promotion, you can check the amount of stock you have sold, the number of visits to your website, there are ways to find these things out, but often the word analysis scare people to death, not only because it starts with the word Anal, but often people don’t know where to start and presume it’s bit too techy for them.

The only thing I can say here, is you need to know what’s working, I don’t have all the answers but if you have questions about that, have a 1-1 with me or find me on Google+ and we can look at the options.

The last A is Adjust; Continuous Small improvements

• You start out with all of these things.
• You’ve attracted. You’ve got their attention.
• Then you absorbed them in the page with images, icons and a story
• They’ve taken the action. Whether its buy now or leave page.
• You can analyze it and see what happened.

By analysis you will know if it’s working or not and now it’s time to adjust.

Change one thing at a time, things like headlines, bullet points or calls to action… if you see the conversion go down put it back and try something else, if you change too many thing in one go you won’t know what bit worked or didn’t work, so doing something in small increments is much better that having to scrap the whole thing and starting over again.

And the reason it’s a cycle is Once you have made your changes, you need to go attract your customers again, if it’s a new project, you could go through this cycle many times, but it will get easier and will come to realise more about what works and what doesn’t.

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